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Online FDP Programme

This for second semester M Ed students.


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To enable the prospective teachers to

1. understand the process of development; developmental aspects, stages, factors influencing development, developmental tasks, developmental needs and hazards

2. acquire theoretical perspectives regarding development

3. develop a sensitivity and positive attitude towards the major socio-cultural issues affecting development.

4. develop skills in observing, analyzing and adopting appropriate strategies to deal with developmental problems and hazards

5. familiarize about the research strategies and approaches to study the socio- cultural and political issues pertaining to development.

On completion of this course, the students will be able to: 

1. Describe the meaning and role of assessment in learning. 

2. Know the principles of assessment practices. 

3. Understand the assessment practices in various approaches of teaching

 4. Differentiate different types of assessment 

5. Identify tools and techniques for classroom assessment 

6. Develop necessary skills for preparation of achievement test and diagnostic tests 

7. Point out key issues in classroom assessment

 8. Understand how assessment can be possible in inclusive settings 

9.  Master various statistical techniques for reporting quantitative data

Online FDP Programme

This is a free certificate course on M Learning For Students of NSS training College Ottapalam. NSSTraining college Ottapalam is launching a certificate course on M-learning for students of the college. Interested students can join the course by using the following link. There is no registration fee and at the end of the course, a certificate will be issued from the college to the students who have secured 75% marks in the online examination. The number of seats for the course is limited to 40.

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