Course Objectives On completion of this course, the students will be able to: 

1. understand the nature of science as a dynamic, expanding body of knowledge and as a social endeavour; 

2. understand the difference and complementarities between Science and Technology; 3. understand the need to evaluate curricula and evaluate the same on the basis of different validities;

 4. know about and critically study innovative curricular efforts in India and abroad; 5. appreciate the role of co‐curricular activities in science education; 6. understand the Constructivist approach to science instruction; 7. understand the role of assessment in the teaching –learning process in science; 8. familiarize with new, innovative trends in assessment; 9. analyze various issues in Science education 10. acquaint with the modern psychological theories and their bearing on Science curriculumdevelopment and methods of teaching 11. acquaint with the recent developments and research in modern Science education. 12. familiarize with resources for teaching/learning Science 13. appreciate linking science with society 14. familiarize with I T related inputs of science teaching. 118 15. acquaint with some modern procedures and techniques in teaching Science.