The Internship Program forms an integral and important component of B.Ed. programme; internship serves as a capstone experience that informs about and prepares them for the expectations of and how to succeed in the profession. Student teaching internships is an essential component for a student‘s success as a professional teacher. Student Teaching Internships provides students the opportunity to practice what has been learned on the university campus and, more importantly, it is an opportunity to continue academic and professional growth. 


 1. To observe children and the teaching learning process in a systematic manner.

 2. To understand the content and pedagogical principles, issues and problems related to teaching

 3. To develop a repertoire of resources which can be used by the intern later in her teaching– textbooks, children‘s literature, activities, games, and excursions

 4. To participate in teaching school subjects for the children of Class VI to X. 

5. To experience the school in its totality

6. To assume the role of a regular teacher with appropriate planning taking into account the diverse needs of students and the varying contexts that impact the teaching learning process.

7. To acquire competencies and skills required for effective classroom teaching, class management and evaluation of student learning, organization of co-curricular activities, and working with the community 

8. To be able to innovate within existing systemic limitation

 9. To critically reflect on her own school experiences and keep records of the same. 

10.To learn to assess different aspects of children‘s learning without a focus only on Achievement. 

11. To develop proper professional attitudes, values and interests.