Course Learning Outcomes

 On the successful completion of the course, the learner will be able to: 

1. Co-ordinate seminar on teaching profession, competency, and soft skills.

 2. Judge the relevance of resources and agencies in professional growth of science teacher.

 3. Prepare a review based on the information collected from ERIC and INFLIBNET.

 4. Analyse the relevance of techno pedagogy, TPACK, techno-pedagogic skills of natural science teacher. 

5. Create digital resource, online publishing and analyse school biology topic by using appropriate ICT tools. 

6. Evaluate the nature of scientifically gifted students. 

7. Analyse the use of information communication technology inscience classroom. 

8. Evaluate the significance of IT resources and dynamic learningenvironment in teaching learning process. 

9. Construct an e-content in biology.